Pastor: Donnie Romero

Founding Pastor

Pastor Donnie Romero was born in Western Colorado in 1982. He was raised as a Roman Catholic.

In 2002 at the age of 19, he was saved through door to door soul winning. He met his wife Leslye a few years later.

In 2007, they started to attend an independent Baptist church and were married shortly thereafter.

The Romero’s have been blessed with 7 wonderful children.

Pastor Romero is now faithfully training up men to preach the gospel door to door as the bible teaches.

Pastor Romero does not believe that churches are started by bible colleges or denominations, but they are built by the Lord Jesus Christ, through soul winning and hard Bible preaching. He is a faithful soul winner and has a desire to see lives changed as a result of the Word of God. He also whole heartedly believes that the Bible is the final authority in all matters of life.

Preacher: Adam Fannin

Ordained Evangelist

Brother Adam Fannin was saved at a young age, and raised in Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches.

He learned to trust the Lord as a small business owner and eventually heeded the call to relocate to Fort Worth Texas under the leadership of Pastor Donnie Romero.

Brother Fannin proposed to his wife shortly after she moved to Texas from Arizona, and they were married at Stedfast Baptist Church in July of 2015.

The Lord is blessing the Fannins as they move to Jacksonville Florida to help serve in the new church plant.